School Transition and Adjustment Research Study (STARS)

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With the pressure of Covid-19, schools will be looking at the transition of children from primary school into secondary school.  Whilst 'STARS' research study, based at UCL and Cardiff University, which aimed to find out what helps children make a successful move to secondary school, was written before the pandemic, it may be useful for School Leaders in planning for the transition of their Year 6 pupils into Year 7.

The study followed a group of around 2000 pupils from South-East England, UK as they made the transition from primary school to secondary school.  It collected information from pupils, parents and teachers throughout the transition period and asked about pupils’ well-being, academic achievement, and their views about school and relationships with friends and teachers.  We looked at how pupils changed and adapted to secondary school over the course of the study.

This information will help schools and other educational professionals to provide support for pupils.  To read the article please click here.

Resources for schools and teachers can be downloaded from this website.