TSC SW Podcast #10 : Professor Daniel Muijs

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Professor Daniel Muijs is Deputy Director for Research and Evaluation for Ofsted. Professor Muijs is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton.

Since 2018 Ofsted has used research and evidence to inform the development of its inspection framework. ‘we want to be as sure as we can be that we are looking at the right things when we inspect and regulate. To do so, we need to follow the best evidence on what good and effective provision is. That means looking at the existing evidence base, but also carrying out our own research when necessary’. In this podcast Jim and Daniel discuss how research and evaluation inform the EIF, how schools can be informed by research and a specific theme in the EIF around emotional wellbeing. Daniel is also able to discuss the role of Ofsted in the autumn term 2020 and its collaborative role in understanding and supporting SEND.


Timeline (mins):

00:00 – 02:25 Introduction

02:26 Daniel, tell me a bit more about yourself – what is your background in educational research, and what was attractive about the Research and Evaluation role for Ofsted?

05:18 So why and how does Ofsted use research?

07:59 What is your perspective on how schools use research and evidence to inform leadership and practice?

11:21 Tell me a little bit more about Ofsted and the focus on emotional wellbeing and why this is so important at the moment

Current situation:

14:39 What has been Ofsted’s response to school closures? What is Ofsted’s role likely to be over the next 12 months?

17:30 Can you tell us a bit more about the HMCI SEND Commentary published 9 July 2020 and your role with SEND?

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