TSC SW Podcast #9 : Dr. Jim Rogers and Dr. Mark Rickinson on research use in education

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Mark Rickinson is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Mark’s work is focused on improving the use and usefulness of educational research in policy and practice. He is currently leading The Monash Q Project (Quality Use of Evidence Driving Quality Education), a new 5-year initiative with the Paul Ramsay Foundation to improve the use of research evidence in Australian schools. Further information: @MonashQProject; @mark_rickinson

Mark, originally from the UK, moved to Australia with his young family to take up the Associate Professor role at Monash. A keen triathlete, Jim and Mark regularly talk about the challenges of leadership, parenthood, sport (as we age!) and wellbeing. In this podcast they explore the place of research in informing the teaching profession, the challenges of leading large and complex projects and the importance of wellbeing.

Timeline (mins):

00:00 – 03:27 Introduction

1: Mark - tell me a bit more about yourself, your background and current role and your research/projects

06:05     2. I am interested in exploring whether teaching should be an evidence and research-informed profession, what are our thoughts on this? 

08:48    3. Can you provide some examples to illustrate this?

14:40    4. What are the opportunities and challenges of accessing research to inform practice? What advice can you give busy teachers on how to best engage with research?

21:47    5. I know you have worked with teachers as teacher-researchers. What advice can you give teachers who are embarking on some form of research enquiry as part of their professional development or performance management?

28:55    6. Last question. We talk a lot about wellbeing and managing high-pressure roles. What tips or advice would you give a professional on managing their wellbeing?

Additional Resources

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Jim can be found on Twitter   @jimrogers72