The Evidence-Informed Teacher

01-10-2020 4:00 pm
The Evidence-Informed Teacher

Whole School SEND is pleased to host a series of webinars for newly qualified and recently qualified teachers to explore inclusive teaching for children with SEND in mainstream schools. Hosted by Erica Wolstenholme and delivered by Lorwyn Randall and Dr Jim Rogers, these webinars will explore what it means to be an evidence-informed teacher and how this can contribute to good practice for SEND pupils.

1st October 2020 - What the evidence tells us about teaching for children and young people with SEND

15th October 2020 - Translating theory into practical strategies in the classroom

These two webinars will build on an initial session delivered in July, 'The Learning Opportunities and Pedagogical Demands of Teaching Remotely', which can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/3h6D39S

Each webinar will last for 60 minutes.


Planning in the Moment with Anna Ephgrave

Planning in the Moment with Anna Ephgrave


Two Rivers Institute in partnership with Twynham Primary School and Two Rivers Nursery are proud to be able to offer a day of high quality EYFS focused CPD for local teachers and leaders.


Signalong for families, carers and professionals

16-10-2020 9:30 am -3:30 pm
Signalong for families, carers and professionals

The workshop will cover the brief history, philosophy and methodology of Signalong before teaching approximately 60 key words.  The course will follow the Everybody’s Signalong Topic Vocabulary.  You will learn the necessary skills to read and produce any sign in the manuals.  Activities are provided to put the vocabulary into context and reinforce learning.  Course cost will include certificate and manual.

This event is delivered through South Somerset Partnership Teaching School.


Leading Evidence - Informed School Improvement

Leading Evidence - Informed School Improvement

EEF Leadership Training Programme

A full day workshop attended by Headteachers and Chairs of Governors

Session A: The role of evidence in understanding disadvantage  

•    Understanding economic disadvantage 
•    Analysing the attainment gap 
•    Family of Schools database 
•    Governance of effective teaching and learning 
•    Understanding the evidence of ‘what works’ 
•    Using evidence-based guidance to provide practical support and challenge 

Session B: Putting evidence to use: A School’s Guide to Successful Implementation 

•    ‘Explore’: Gathering and interpreting data, define the problem you want to solve and identify appropriate programmes or practices to implement. 
•    ‘Prepare’: Create a leadership implementation plan, judge the readiness of the school to deliver that plan, then prepare staff and resources. 
•    ‘Deliver’: Support staff, monitor progress, solve problems, and adapt strategies as the approach is used for the first time. 
•    ‘Sustain’: Plan for sustaining and scaling an intervention from the outset and continuously acknowledge and nurture its use. 

Session C: Improving literacy across the curriculum  

•    Exploring the challenges and barriers to curriculum access 
•    Understanding the centrality of literacy for successful disciplinary learning 
•    A deep dive into Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools Guidance Report (EEF) 

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates

National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates
National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

A personalised, inspirational programme for senior leaders with cross-school responsibilities including experienced middle leaders, deputy heads, SENCOs, subject leaders working across MATs and SLEs. We welcome applicants from across Devon and the South West. Starts in October 2020.

The range and quality of our training including face to face, online learning and individual coaching is highly rated: “DTSP holds a very strong quality rating with a 100% pass rate. Support for participants exceeds expectations, demonstrating exceptional performance, 100% of participants would recommend this programme” Tribal QA report 2020

The NPQSL programme is designed to develop the leadership potential of Senior Leaders leading a team across their school. They will be supported to further develop key leadership behaviours: Vision, Collaboration, Personal Drive, Resilience, Interpersonal and Intra-personal Awareness, Integrity and Respect.

They will achieve this through an improvement project that they will work with a team across the school to reduce variation in pupil progress and attainment and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching. The programme will last 4 terms by which time they will have submitted for assessment a 5,000 word assignment which covers the initiation, implementation and evaluation of the project.

Key Features:

  • Led by an experienced Headteacher and the Director of DTSP who understand whole school improvement processes and the key part distributed leadership plays within its success.
  • A personalised programme that endeavours to support Senior Leaders develop their own leadership style and apply their learning within their own context.
  • Inspirational trainers who have developed the key skills of Senior Leaders within their own schools and beyond
  • Excellent face to face leadership training days aligned to a core theme of transformational change
  • School visits: Membership of an Action Learning Set to compare and analyse change in different schools.
  • Two coaching sessions provided within the SL’s school to explore their personal leadership development
  • High quality online research and reading across four modules to challenge thinking and support your project

Application deadline Monday 28th September 2020

For further details, including course outline and facilitators, please visit our website at: http://www.dpscitt.ac.uk/418/npqsl

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates

Primary NQT Induction - Training and Development Programme

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates
Primary NQT Induction - Training and Development Programme

Support programme for Primary NQTs run over 7 sessions. For more information click the 'Register Button' below.

This programme is delivered through South Somerset Partnership Teaching School.

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates

Diploma in Trauma & Mental Health-Informed Schools

This event is a programme or runs over multiple dates
Diploma in Trauma & Mental Health-Informed Schools

To train school staff and community staff to be mental health literate and trauma informed practitioners. Delivered by Clare Williams.

  • The neuroscience and psychology of child and adolescent mental and ill-health
*What do trauma and mental health-informed schools & communities do?

  • Bodies, minds, behaviour and learning

  • The healing power of talking about feelings & making sense of painful life experiences 
  • To learn practical skills to empower school staff to help vulnerable children and those who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. 
  • To provide practitioners with key insights and skills as well as vital support and encouragement
* Use online tools for assessing, improving, and measuring change in emotional health and well being 

The event is delivered through the Ambitions Teaching School

Please contact the event provider if you have a question.