A School to School Collaboration Portal for the South West of England 

The CPD Portal-SW provides a single collaborative regional platformfor schools across the South West of England,supporting a school-led approach to CPD and wider school improvement. Team SW have created the Portal to support the needs of schools throughout the South West of England.

The Portal is a single central collaboration platform underpinning Team SW's 'interim regional framework for school improvement’, as the principal place for schools to find aligned CPD and system leader support.

It brings together everything you need to create and deliver CPD programmes across your Teaching School, Teaching School Alliance, Hub, Federation, Diocese, Local Authority, MAT
or any educational organisation.

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The Portal is where school leaders, system leaders and educators can find:

CPD : Find and Access CPD from a ‘one stop shop’ for school leaders and educators. Promote your ‘CPD Offer’ across South West England and beyond by becoming a Portal CPD Provider

DIRECTORY : A System Leader Directory through which schools seeking support can easily make links and connections to system expertise. For example find an NLE, NLG, SLE in your area.

NEWS : An aggregated newsfeed and documents of essential school improvement information relating to all Team South West, Regional Education Partnership Board and TSC activity.

DASHBOARDS : 'Regional Improvement Dashboards' covering key regional improvement priorities providing information and Resources regarding regional improvement.

How Can My Organisation Benefit From the Portal? 

 The CPD Portal-SW provides and end-to-end solution for teaching schools delivering school led CPD and training, as well as delivering an intergrated system to support school to school improvement across the South West England. 

If you're looking for school-led CPD within a locality or beyond, you can access it from one place as well as the many professional networks and resources to support you in your work.

Deliver more with greater efficiency, extend your school's reach and build a wider support network better using the Portal. 

What Can it Do for Your School?

The Portal brings together everything you need to create and deliver CPD programmes across your Teaching School, Teaching School Alliance, Federation or MAT.  The service provides a range of options for promoting and managing your school's CPD offer.

 CPD : Manage and promote your CPD Offer/Programme through one regional CPD platform 

CPD opportunities and provision across a group of schools can be accessed from one place. Promoting events can be challenging; through the Portal, schools benefit from being part of something much bigger allowing them to increase their profile as a provider. The Portal allows schools to ‘test the market’ – they can find out what the existing CPD provision is before planning their CPD offer.

A school’s branding is retained across all their events and any system communications. The system is built around a self-service approach; Schools can create and administer their CPD from one simple web based interface. Users of the system can book and manage their bookings from the site; the site also creates a CPD portfolio of events the users have engaged with. 

(Taunton Teaching Alliance estimate an 80% saving over manual backend administrative tasks after adopting the Portal to promote and manage their CPD Offer)

Extend Your Organisation's Reach and Profile in the CPD Marketplace 

Subscribers to the CPD Portal-SW service can promote their events to an audience of over 10 000 users across SW England and beyond. 

The Portal is ‘Booking Platform Agnostic’ – it doesn’t matter where your CPD events are being processed, you can still add them to the Portal’s extensive CPD catalogue. 

Users can find CPD from a simple search box - searching across an extensive regional catalogue of CPD from many different CPD Providers. 

Fill in a simple online form and begin promoting your CPD to a larger audience!

How do I sign up to promote my organisation's CPD Offer?

Find Out How to become a CPD Provider on the Portal here

The Portal and Wider Collaboration

Alongside the CPD administrative features provided by the system, the Portal also provides a range of functionality to support wider professional collaboration.

   Add your system leaders into a regional system leader directory 

Find and make contact with a System Support leader within a Teaching School/Alliance through the Portal’s System Leader Support Directory. The directory contains information regarding a range of leaders including NLEs, NLGs and SLEs (no contact details are exposed publicly). The directory is map based, providing a geographical view of the support in a locality. To ensure the directory is accurate and up-to-date, each school can update the details of their system support leaders through a simple self-service interface. A listing in the 'System Leader Directory' is free to all eligible organisations.  Find Out More about how to add your organisation to to the Directory.

 Integrated Marketing and Communications

The CPD Portal-SW provides a range of marketing tools all integrated into events. Quickly promote and communicate with users through a simple marketing interface. Marketing lists are automatically generated based on the events users engage with.

 Resources and Documents

The Portal provides resources and document libraries. Share documents across schools all from a central document library. From here schools can access and share documents and information on a range of themes.


What Schools are saying about it...

"As a new teaching school CPD Portal-SW has given us a fantastic base to establish our CPD offer and introduce efficiencies in the management of it. It has drastically reduced our workload and allowed us to establish straightforward and effective processes. Its a really intuitive system. We had an hours training to introduce us to the system. Users have also found it simple and easy to use. I would recommend it to everyone."

Janine Ashman (Teaching School Lead : St. Peter's Teaching School, Portishead)

Want to find out more?

The service is free to use, although if you wish to promote your CPD on it then you will need to sign up. The service currently comes in two versions: Tier 1 And Tier 2, each providing you with a range of options for promoting and managing your school's CPD offer:

Tier 1** 
Schools can promote events located and managed in other booking systems from the Portal. Schools can add their existing events through a simple web form.

Tier 2 
Schools can manage the full CPD booking workflow, from promotion to booking confirmation and marketing. Schools create and administer their CPD from one simple to use web based interface. Users of the system can book and manage their bookings from the Portal; the site also creates a CPD portfolio of events the users have engaged with in the past.

** Note: Tier 1 is available in all Sub Regions. The Tier 2 system is currently available to organisations in Sub Region A only, the system will be rolled out shortly in the other Sub Regions. 

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