Governance Guidance during Covid-19

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The National Governance Association are producing information sheets on a regular basis containing key messages about the Coronavirus, schools and governing boards taking into account the evolving situation and the implications for school governance.

Guidance is also on available on continuing the business of the governing board during these challenging circumstances. This guidance covers business priorities and other business; the work undertaken by panels; taking urgent decisions; and holding virtual meetings successfully.  Find out more here.

The DfE has also released School Governance Update which can be found here.

TSC SW Guidance and Support for Remote Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With disruption to learning through school closures leaders and teachers are inevitably starting to consider how they will keep their lessons running remotely. 

Whenever there is an event that has caused a school to close, teachers find ways to ensure that students do not lose valuable learning time. Currently, we’re facing such an event. 

To support educators preparing for potential school closures in the near future, Gavin Richards at TSC SW has created a page on the CPD Portal which aims to aggregate and share resources, experiences and guidance on how best to manage remote learning and working. 

You can access the page from:

The page can be accessed from the Find Support menu on the Portal.

We’re also curating a bank of resources via the Twitter feed @remotelearning  (If you’re on Twitter please follow the account).

This page is open access for every school leader and teacher in our region and we would appreciate it being shared across every your communication network that reaches school leaders as soon as you are able."

This work has now developed further into a Remote Learning Site where teachers can share and find resources to support learning in the home....

This can be found at...


Mathematics in schools - NLE System Leaders Event (SW) 5 May/June 2020 - EOI

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Do you lead school improvement to support schools/academies in the South West?

If you are supporting leadership, school improvement plans, observing teaching and commenting on learning and progress, this will be an opportunity to really think about and reflect on the many messages about maths in schools. You will also have the opportunity to work with maths specialists to discuss the maths curriculum and the implications for schools.

Who? This is open to NLEs and those leading school improvement e.g. MAT CEOs/LA Leads/diocese leads etc.

Where? This event will be taking place at a venue in the Taunton area in the Summer Term.

When? Initially, we are looking at the Summer Term

Please complete the expression of interest to receive further information on this event by midday Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Note: we understand we are in an evolving situation and dates of events are subject to change.