TSC SW Podcast #6 Ian Hunkin - Trust, Safety, Staff and Pupil Wellbeing (3)

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Ian Hunkin works as the Director of The Sigma Teaching School

Ian Hunkin works as the Director of The Sigma Teaching School which is a part of Delta Education Trust. Ian has previously worked as a Headteacher, Director of Multi-Agency Services and as an Educational Psychologist.

Sigma is an alliance of Poole, Dorset and Hampshire primary, secondary, alternative provision and special schools with the shared aim of working collaboratively to improve outcomes for all students within their schools and beyond.

In this podcast Jim talks with Ian Hunkin about trust, safety, staff and pupil wellbeing. Ian is the author of some fantastic free online training provided by DELTA Education Trust designed to support staff in managing students through possible trauma and considerations for both student and staff wellbeing needs, based on the importance of safety and trust.


Timeline (mins):

00.00 Introduction: Jim

02.17 Question 1: Ian tell me a bit more about your background, what experiences in your career have been formative in the design of this training material?

06:50 Question2: Ok so lets talk through the key messages from each of the four sessions. Firstly, tell me about the transformative power of feeling safe.

16:30 Question 3: We have talked about Trust. What can you tell me about rebuilding trust and why it is important?

27.48 Question 4: Lastly, you have published two sessions on our well-being. Self care and organisational care, and mindfulness is a superpower!

40.12 Re-opening schools: 5 key evidenced based considerations for everyone’s well-being

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Jim can be found on Twitter   @jimrogers72 

Challenges facing school leaders during Coronavirus - Re-opening : Operations

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This webinar supports school leaders, governors and owners around the world as they plan to restart on-campus learning. They face a variety of challenges and operational considerations related to the school property and facilities. Our webinar panel includes those leading campus openings whose expertise will help others who are approaching the same experience. You’ll hear case studies and presentations.  


Moving Learning Online

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To support the rapid shift to remote learning,  Doug Lemov author of Teach Like a Champion is researching and sharing how great are moving their instruction online. Doug is Managing Director of Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter management organisation that manages 42 charter schools across New York, New Jersey and Boston.

The Teach Like a Champion blog is publishing a range of video guides on supporting teachers and schools in moving their teaching and learning online,

The following video 'Dissolving the Screen' is especially interesting given the current pandemic. 

View further videos here. 

FREE Online CPD Opportunity - Our Own Wellbeing Part 2: Mindfulness is a Superpower

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 FREE Online CPD Opportunity - Our Own Wellbeing Part 2: Mindfulness is a Superpower

Now Available

Part four of a series of free online CPD sessions by the Sigma Teaching School Alliance on understanding and supporting children and young people who have experienced trauma.


This is the fourth session of a free online staff CPD course re understanding and supporting children and young people who have experienced trauma. The previous sessions can be found on the tabs on the left side on our Online Training web page. Subsequent sessions will be added to the Sigma Teaching School website every Tuesday. 

This session is the second part of our review of the importance of our own wellbeing and will focus on Mindfulness.


The aims remain the same as for the other sessions in the course:

  1. To provide an overview of the key messages from research regarding what works for children and young people who have experienced trauma.

  2. Provide an opportunity to reflect on your own practice with regard to these key messages (reassurance and ideally identifying actions to further develop your practice).

  3. Signposting to other information.

As with other sessions the approaches and interventions will be evidence-based. Mostly from the fields of psychology and neuroscience. Some of the evidence-based approaches and interventions informed by the research are deceptively simple. They are, however, also enormously powerful in their impact.

What we’ll cover in this session:

  1. What is Mindfulness?

  2. Why should you give Mindfulness a go?

  3. Let’s do some Mindfulness.

  • The main focus of this session will be trying out some Mindful activities, after all, if we are to achieve the benefits of Mindfulness then we need to do it.


 Link : http://www.sigmateachingschool.org.uk/online-training/#tab-id-4

TSC SW Podcast #3 Dr Jim Rogers And Sally Apps Cabot Learning Federation

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Sally is an Executive Principal for Cabot Learning Federation in Bristol, a Trust of 19 primary and secondary schools which also includes Alternative Provision. Sally, described as a ‘mover and shaker’ on her appointment in 2017 by Schools Week, oversees secondary strategy and alternative provision across the trust, working as part of a 3-19 executive team with responsibility for school improvement. A busy mother of two primary aged children, Sally also sits on the South West Headteacher Board and is a trustee of a multi-academy trust in Bath. A recent Think Piece ‘Towards Recovery’ prompted the invitation to this podcast. The Think Piece explores the transition from school closures to re-opening, framed in Carpenter’s five levers: relationships, community, transparent curriculum, metacognition and space. Sally has appeared on BBC Points West and BBC Radio 5 Live!.

Timeline (mins):

Introduction: Jim

01:25 Question 1: Sally, would you mind briefly introducing yourself and describing your role and responsibilities?

03:45 Question 2: Maybe: describe your experience as an executive principal: what have been the big challenges and successes?

07:44 Question 3: You have written a thought provoking and insightful Thinkpiece: Towards Recovery. What prompted you to write this?

13:16 Question 4: You talk about recovery being as much emotional as academic. What do you mean by this, and what do you think we need to be aware of in our approach and behaviours with students?

18:30 Question 5:  Maybe: You have framed this in Carpenter’s five levers: relationships, community, transparent curriculum, metacognition and space. Could you explain this framework and how it might help school leaders prepare for the recovery phrase?

Links referred to in the podcast:

Thinkpiece Towards Recovery Carpenter and Carpenter: https://clf.uk/towards-recovery-a-think-piece/

Carpenter and Carpenter: A Recovery Curriculum:  Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic. https://www.evidenceforlearning.net/recoverycurriculum/  

Sally can be found on Twitter  @_sallyjan
Jim can be found on Twitter as  @jimrogers72 and www.jimrogerstraining.co.uk