New version of the DfE Guidance for the full opening of schools

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The DfE has published a new version of the Guidance for the full opening of iPad Learningschools. The Confederation of School Trusts have prepared a tracked changes version so that you can immediately see the changes from the previous version published on 17th September. Find it here

Being active helps students in school

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New data shows that students that are physically active report improvements to their schoolwork, behavioWellbeingur and mental health, compared to inactive students

Helping children and young people get active during school can play a vital role in helping them catch up on missed schoolwork during the Covid-19 pandemic, and in supporting their mental health, new insight shows.

Sport England , Activity Alliance, Association for Physical Education and the Youth Sport Trust release new data that reveals staff (92%) believe that being physically active helps with school work and 91% of students report they feel that being physically active can improve their mental and physical health.

The research was collected by Sheffield Hallam University on student (76, 085) and teacher (5, 955) attitudes, as part of Sport England’s Secondary Teacher Training Programme (STT). 

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Teaching Schools and ITT Provider Accreditation

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Any Teaching Schools that are currently accredited as ITT providers should continue to offer ITT, and continuDFE Logoe to assume full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of courses leading to QTS whether or not they become a teaching school hub.  This includes responsibility for securing permission to recruit, recruitment and selection, all aspects of course design and delivery, management of the wider partnership, quality assurance, and QTS recommendations.

You will not have your accreditation removed simply because they are no longer a Teaching School.  Removal of Teaching School designation has no impact on ITT accredited provider status.  However, where such providers have the term ‘teaching school’ in their accredited provider operating name, they will need to remove this reference.  Any accredited ITT provider wishing to change its operating name should contact