Handling Confirmed C19 Cases over Christmas

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The Confederation of School Trusts have produced an excellent infographic to support school leaders deal with confirmed Covid 19 cases over the Christmas period. COVID 19

To view it, please click here.

Teach First Wellbeing Course

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WellbeingTeach First has made their wellbeing course available as open source due to the pandemic.  It is led by clinical psychologists who are former teachers themselves.  The content delivered in 2 – 5 minute bite-sized chunks that leaders can use for whole group sessions or individually.  It could be useful as resource as prompts for discussion in staff meeting/s or individuals. Please do share this link for the Teach First Wellbeing Course: https://learn.teachfirst.org.uk/courses/course-v1:TEA+TEA015+2018/about.


You need to create a login but the course is free.


This course was designed for Teach First trainees but this course is for everyone; at The People Project we believe we can all improve our wellbeing and our performance – no matter what our starting point.

A Level Pedagogy Workgroup with the Boolean Maths Hub

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SESSION 1 & 2: Cognitive Load in A-Level Mathematics. Boolean Maths Session 1: Tuesday 9th Feb 2021 2.30-4.30 (Nathalie Vernon - Cognitive Load) We are very excited to have Nathalie Vernon from the AMSP deliver a one hour session with discussion after on Cognitive Load and what it means in your maths classrooms. The workgroup itself is aimed at A Level teachers but this session could be suitable for your whole department to sit in on. A follow up session will take place where participants will discuss what changes to their practice they have experimented with as a result of session 1. Time will also be spent discussing the upcoming A Level exams.

SESSION 3 & 4: What makes a good dynamic graphing question?: The perfect mix of technology and pedagogy. Dynamic graphing packages like Desmos, Geogebra, Autograph and more offer a new way to revisit old questions - but what makes a good question designed within these packages? Again with guests from the AMSP we will look in depth not so much how to use the software on a technical level but how to ask a great maths question.

Initially the sessions will be held online and as such, session 1 will be shared between two workgroups. As we move towards the Summer we may be able to have face to face meetings and so, for travel purposes as well as helping to connect you to local colleagues, it will be better if you sign up for your nearest workgroup - either Bristol or Bath but some swapping around can be accommodated.
Links to sign up are in the flyer 1 and flyer 2. Please contact L3LBoolean@bristolcathedralschools.org for more information or any questions at all.

Whole School SEND South West Newsletter

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SEND LogoAs we come to the end of term two in a year that has been like no other, all of us at Whole School SEND would like to thank you for the work you do to support our children and young people. In this newsletter we have highlighted some of the free activities and resources that are available to support children and young people with SEND as well as inviting you to participate in some important research. Wishing you all a merry and safe Christmas.

Erica, Alison and Emma.

To view the Whole School SEND South West Region Newsletter Autumn No 2 please click here.