Returning to School and Making Use of Trauma-Informed Approaches

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The amazing Ian Hunkin has produced a summary resource to accompany the webinars that he recently delivered.wss (002) png

Here are the links to the trauma-informed approaches webinars along with accompanying slides.  

Session 1

Returning to School and Making Use of Trauma-Informed Approaches: Five Key Considerations for Everyone’s Wellbeing:

Presentation Slides: 

Session 2

Returning to School and Making Use of Trauma-Informed Approaches: The transformative power of feeling safe and what about when it goes wrong?:

Presentation Slides:

Session 3

Returning to School and Making Use of Trauma-Informed Approaches: Rebuilding trust and the importance of our own wellbeing:

Presentation Slides:

FREE staff online CPD re Trauma-Informed Approaches. The new session is a summary of the four cornerstones of a Trauma-Informed Approach and is intended to be able to be read in an hour.  The session is available at

New CPD session from Sigma TSA

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Ian Hunkin has produced another free CPD session titled Mission Possible: A Summary of the Key Messages from Psychology and Neuroscience re Supporting Children and Sigma TSAYoung People in the New Normal. 

The session covers:

  • Understanding the impact of trauma
  • Providing relational support
  • The four cornerstones of a trauma-informed approach
    • The transformative power of feeling safe
    • Focusing on trust as well as learning
    • Taking actions to make stress as predictable, moderate and controllable as we can
    • The importance of our own wellbeing
  • Conclusion
  • Signposting

Find it here:

Boolean Maths Hub Update

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Please find the latest Boolean Maths Hub bulletin which has information on all our Work GroupBoolean Maths Hubss open for recruitment.   To support schools with the challenging times at present, most of our Work Groups will begin online in January.    Please ask schools to express interest in Work Groups by completing the EOI, dates of sessions will follow shortly:

Boolean Maths Hub Work Groups EOI.   

Also attached is the NCETM overview of projects this year, please ask schools to either express interest in a project or contact us if they wish to discuss which Work Group will suit their school/circumstances.     All Work Groups will be held online initially.  Further information can be found here: