School Improvement Offer

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NLEs were contacted on 9/11/2020 by the DfE to notify them that they are now formally closing the 19/20 School Improvement Offer. This means that NLEs and TeachingDFE Logo School Heads should only undertake further work if under the guise of an approved RAF and if a signed Grant Offer Letter was received pre lockdown in March.  

If this applies to you, please refer to the FAQs you can find here which provide further important details about resuming 19/20 support. Otherwise, you will only be funded to provide support to schools where you are matched under the STSS Recovery offer. If you have any further queries, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or contact your local RSC team who will be happy to support.
You will also be aware that as the19-20 offer closes, a decision has been made to extend the delivery of the STSS Recovery Offer (also known as the Covid stsss offer) until the end of spring 2021 in the first instance, to support those schools that are the most vulnerable as a result of the challenges faced by COVID-19.

Support will be available to schools, regardless of their Ofsted rating, that would benefit from additional leadership support, including to put in place a high-quality remote learning offer. We have updated the page to reflect this for the wider educational sector:

We have also updated a detailed overview of this offer here
If you are aware of schools that you think would benefit from support through the STSS Recovery Offer please make a referral via your local Regional School Commissioner’s office .