Welcome from 'Team South West'

The purpose of this page is to introduce the strategy proposal that we have been working on with our partners (RSC, DfE, LAs and Diocese) during the Autumn term, to lead and support school improvement in the South West region. This proposal is placed in context and described further in following two key documents: 

  1. Where next for the self-improving school system

This TSC commissioned think piece sets out clearly where the various key stakeholders are in the self-improving system and furthermore suggests future roles as this system continues to evolve.

  1. Team South West – An interim regional framework for school improvement

TeachingIt explains how Team SW will be the interim regional forum through which collaborative and system-led school improvement will be co-ordinated across the academy and maintained system in the South West. Membership of Team South West includes stakeholders from across the system that will oversee, shape, steer and inform the Team SW regional delivery plan. The interim framework seeks to provide strategic coherence and clear structures to enable school leaders and system leaders to collaborate effectively in a self-improving system. The core goal being to improve outcomes at regional, school and classroom level.

It builds on many of the successful collaborations already established through the Sub Regional Improvement Board (SRIB) meetings and the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) process. Importantly, membership will reflect the dual-system that we are in as well as the purpose of the new SRIBS which will become the new Regional Education Partnership Boards. Their role and remit is also clearly explained in the document.

In order to support school improvement further we are clear that there is the need to:

  1. Communicate the regional school improvement priorities to all sector leaders, bringing together key improvement partners so that support is aligned and joined up.

  2. Co-ordinate and communicate how school leaders can quickly and easily access system leader support whether it be from NLGs, NLEs, Teaching Schools, MATS etc.   This will be particularly important in the delivery of the DfE’s school improvement offer in 18/19, to schools that might benefit from support, the details of which will be published shortly.

  3. Develop further capacity and alignment to local and regional improvement needs, through more focused Teaching School CPLD offers.

  4. Provide our system leaders (eg NLEs and NLGs) with an on-going training entitlement that relates to the regional requirements for expertise and capacity.

  5. Develop, promote and showcase CPLD models that demonstrate proven impact and create networks to share evidence-informed school improvement models.

 TSC SW Communications Strategy - the Regional Collaborative Portal

Underpinning much of what is described above will be a clear communications strategy. The Regional Collaborative Portal SW CPDPortal-SW will be central to this strategy as the principal place for schools to find aligned CPLD and system leader support.

The portal will be where school leaders and system leaders can find:

  • An aggregated newsfeed and documents of essential information relating to all Team South West, Regional Education Partnership Board and TSC activity.
  • The current regional CPLD offer, initially from Teaching Schools and then wider organisations to create a ‘one stop shop’ for school leaders and system leaders.
  • A System Leader Directory through which schools seeking support can easily make links and connections to system expertise.

We hope that you find all of the above useful and that you now have a better understanding of the regional strategic approach of Team South West for this academic year.

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