Governance & Leadership

 Our Aim

To create a sustainable strategy which aligns system leaders’ expertise with the region’s educational priorities so that there are sufficient National Leaders of Education and National and Local Leaders of Governance with the appropriate skills to support schools most in need.


Strong governance and leadership are vital to ensuring that schools, academies and multi-academy trusts in the region can provide the best possible quality of education to their pupils. We know that a school or MAT cannot be successful with weak leadership, or when a governing body or trust board is not providing enough challenge to headteachers or MAT CEOs. 

As of January 2019, 83% of SW schools and 78% of SW academies were Good and Outstanding which is less than the 85% and 79% England averages respectively. We have seen some signs that this rate is stabilising.  Our challenge now it to reverse the trend so that every child and young person in the South West is provided with a good quality of education.

 Our Objectives:

  1. To provide NLGs, NLEs, LLGs, Heads and emerging leaders with a bespoke annual training entitlement to equip system leaders in the region with the skills needed to deliver/sustain support to the schools that need it most, driven by the SW priorities (eg. PP, SEND, Maths, Leadership, Coaching, SRM
  2. Work with all partners to identify vulnerable schools to ensure that they get the support they need (eg. via the RSC, Local School Standards Boards, LAs, Interim SI offer etc)
  3. Develop a SW leadership succession planning strategy to develop leaders and governors for the future across the sector.

  Strategic Lead Contacts:

Chrysta Garnett is a member of Team South West and is leading the Governance and System Leadership strand of the Team SW action plan, as well as the SW School Improvement Offer Lead. Chrysta can be contacted here.

Jackie Eason is Project Manager of the South West National Leaders of Governance (NLG) network,and is responsible to Team South West for co-ordinating the work of NLGs to support regional priorities. 

Jackie Eason can be contacted here. Jackie Eason is the single point of contact for the deployment of National Leaders of Governance and Local Leaders of Governance. Regional Governance Leads are listed below along with their subregional Teaching School Link.;

 Sub Regions

Regional Governance Lead - Governance Support

Teaching School Link - Leadership Support

A: Bristol, BANES, South Gloucestershire, Somerset and North Somerset  Geoff Mountjoy Sian Kinder
B: Swindon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Keith Clover James Passmore
C: Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth Keith Clover Fritz Penn-Barwell
D: Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, Plymouth, Devon and Torbay Jackie Eason Teresa Lawrence

 Latest Documents 

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 Useful Links

NLG Newsletter

Leaders of Governance Handbook

Governance Handbook (updated March 2019) 

Team SW 

REP Board Structure  

System Leader Entitlement Training

 Existing Networks 

We are expanding the small but effective National Leaders of Governance network to include Local Leaders of Governance who can be deployed across the region, supported by their more experienced colleagues. Through additional training and sharing of expertise, these system leaders are working to promote a climate where effective governance spreads and where boards routinely challenge each other to verify their assessment of their own effectiveness. Find out who they are and how to request their support here.

 Case Studies/Research:

The ‘hidden givers’: a study of school governing bodies in England Project Report, James C, Brammer S, Connolly M, Fertig M, James J, and Jones, J

Improving Governance, Ofsted, 2016 The state of School Governance in England, James C, Goodall J, Howarth E, and Knights E   2014

Eastrop and Southfield Partnership, Swindon, National Finalist for Outstanding Governance Award, AJ Cripps

 Other Key Contacts

Sub-Region A: Somerset, Bristol, Bath, NE Somerset and South Gloucestershire – Sian Kinder
Sub-Region B:Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire – James Passmore
Sub-Region C: Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole – Fritz Penn-Barwell
Sub-Region D: Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Plymouth and Torbay – Teresa Lawrance