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January 12, 2021

Remote Learning

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Yesterday, Ofsted published a short guide to help school and trust leaders and teachers develop your remote education offer. This guidance, written by Professor Daniel Muijs, debunks some unhelpful myths about remote education, which are not based on…
Jun 16, 2020

Edtech Festival : Delivering education in an evolving edtech world

Ed-Tech Festival The New Normal: Delivering education in an evolving edtech world 6th and…
Jun 04, 2020

Anne Frank Trust : Creative Writing Awards

In this time of lock-down, when people are separated from each other, the Anne Frank…
May 20, 2020

Moving Learning Online

To support the rapid shift to remote learning, Doug Lemov author of Teach Like a Champion…
May 06, 2020

Report on Providing Educational Continuity under COVID-19

'A rapid evidence summary of what is known about best practice in teaching when school…
Apr 28, 2020

EdTech Demonstrator Programme

The EdTech Demonstrator programme will provide peer-led advice and training to help…

For educators managing learning due to school closure, this page aims to aggregate and share resources, experiences and guidance on how to manage remote learning and working. 

Considerations for remote learning:

(1) Not every student has internet access. Consider how you will support these learners and prioritise support for them. 
(2) Putting things online and changing nothing, doesn't enhance learning. Adapt the resource to the platform.
(3) Learning is not just about content.

You can access guidance on designing online activities and resources in the useful links on this page.

Tips for Remote Learning from

Please remember to look out for our  Remote Learning Twitter Feed. We will also be running events for CPD online in the coming weeks. 

All of the materials presented here are in the public domain, however please respect copyright and ensure you do not use the materials for financial gain without permission.

Featured Resource


 Teach Like a Champion : DOUG LEMOV'S FIELD NOTES (View more Videos Here)

"Remote learning leaves teachers less connected to students and students less connected to teachers. Ideally, then, the way we approach online learning would address that challenge by not only making our students feel more connected but by making them feel connected to us specifically by the work we do together. That is, we would send the message that when you engage in the work of learning it connects us- because I notice it and value it and just maybe find happiness in it too."

Jen Rugani gave the name “Dissolving the Screen” to this idea, and last week posted a great video of Achievement First’s Ben Esser doing that

12 Tips to Safeguard Yourself when Delivering Remote Learning - Download Guidance

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Learning

Source : Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

The *most* important thing we can do in the coming weeks as more and more courses shift to remote learning has nothing to do with content. Community, belonging, and your presence will matter as much, if not more, than the material you are teaching. Caring will be crucial. @joshua_r_eyler