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Mathematics has a critical role to play in the future of the region’s and the wider UK economy and mathematical and quantitative skills are increasingly required, not just for traditional science, technology, engineering and mathematics routes but for a wide range of future careers. Our education system needs to develop and nurture the mathematicians of the future and this is why the DfE have created Maths Hubs across the country to support schools to raise the standard of mathematics education and backed this with £41m funding to scale up mastery mathematics teaching approaches across primary schools. Maths attainment and progress remains a particular priority for the SW region.  Attainment at KS2 and progress to KS4 remain a challenge for us all when we compare the South West with National Averages, however collaboration of the four Maths Hubs and organisations with Maths expertise is strong in the South West. 

High expectations for all pupils and teacher confidence is crucial. It is important that schools know how to access the CPD opportunities available to them. The Teaching Schools, Local Authorities, Diocese and Regional Schools Commissioning team collaborate effectively with the South West Maths Strategy group, including the Maths Hubs, to plan a coordinated offer. Maths Development opportunities are available for all schools in the region and can be accessed via the portal and in system wide communications.

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